Dear Reader

Back from Tanzania, I was struggling a lot. Cultural shock backwards, or whatever you name it. Living in this rich country Switzerland that does not welcome people with a-norm-alities – whatever they call it. I loved so much working as Volunteer at Flowers Children Center even it was a big challenge. I was struggling a lot, not feeling well many times. But always respecting different point of views, lifestyles, believes, values. Because life is so enriching with people from different backgrounds. And you can never judge anyone according to your opinion just because this is more than true: „Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins“. I wish that the country I was born in would live more by that saying… If you want to know more about the Flower children’s – of being dropped just at someplace, not having food at weekends, not having money for transportation to get from school back home – just contact me. I know many. And they need our support to have a better future…

I was so happy to do my Level 3 Project for my Tamalpa Life/Art Process Practioner degree at Flowers Children Center. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from the children, the teachers, the wonderful social worker Stumai who took care of us volunteers, and the environment. I met a wonderful young environmental scientist that was happy to hear that we were doing a CLEAN UP DAY at Flowers trying to sensitise the children for taking care of their wonderful environment. I was so happy to learn from Shanga Arusha how they work with people with disabilities in a country where these people are normally not included in communities. Thank you, Frank from Arusha Dance for the wonderful workshop you offered to the children of Flowers. Und last but not least: I am so happy to have met you, Samwel and Tadhi at Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam! I hope from the bottom of my heart that we will be able to work on a commun project supported by Pro Helvetia. There is so much more I still have to digest… Asante sana, Tanzania. I am so blessed that you were having me for these weeks.

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